Wednesday, September 28, 2011

blogs increases book circulation

After reading Diary of a blog: listening to kids in an elementary school library by Janie Cowan, I was enlightened to the fact that blogs can be beneficial in increasing reading at even the elementary level. Janie used the blog to find out what her patrons were reading in order to better serve them. She asked some thought provoking questions, the kind of question people like to think about like-"If you could be any book character, who would it be."  Not only did she gain an insight into the books the kids wanted, but also started a community of reader/bloggers and ultimately increased circulation at her library.
The interest in reading  increased because it was fun to do and it  gave the kids and staff something to ponder and discuss. This is not a forced reading program with goals and tests but it had the effect that reading incentive programs want. Blogging can work as a way to get kids to read for fun, and when people enjoy doing something , they do it more. When reading is practiced the reading levels are bound to go up. I love this idea of blogging and starting a community of reader/ bloggers at the elementary level!

Cowan, J. (2008, June). Diary of a blog: Listening to kids in an elementary school library. 
Teacher Librarian, 35(5), 20-26. 


  1. You have set up a very pleasant looking blog. I am looking forward to seeing other 611 students' comments on your post. I like that you put a title to your post that is a good hook-- "blogs increase book circulation." A good title will grab the attention of readers!

  2. You make such a great point re blogging making reading fun. On a personal note I had completely fallen out of love with reading- 4 years ago I joined a blogging community around a book, and suddenly it was like a whole new world. People wanted to know what I thought, I could get recommendations of books to read, we were talking to the authors and participating in some seriously awesome discussions. Suddenly reading was fun again! (and then I quit my job and went back to school) If we can foster that kind of love for books and reading from the start- before they have a chance to connect reading to work, then we will giving our students a great start in life! If blogging can help bridge the gap and create a community then there is no reason we shouldn't all be doing it!

  3. I also enjoyed Janie Cowan's article and how she used a blog to increase circulation in her library. I loved reading about her initial thoughts when she felt like asking the student a zillion (a bit exaggerated) questions to discover what he was reading and liked to read.
    I agree that pairing reading books with blogging and making it fun instead of mandated makes it a great idea for schools!

  4. For my Collaborative Technology project, I am going to be setting up a blog in my elementary school fieldwork site. It is going to be linked to the librarian's Read & Feed program for the 4th graders and we're hoping that it will be generate/continue discussion surrounding the book he is currently reading to the group. I hope we have as much success as Janie Cowan!

  5. I think it tends to shock us - kids that young being able to blog, but the stuff they know! It is so very different than how things were for us! I email back and forth with my 7 year old niece on a weekly basis - no reason she could not follow and comment on a blog.

  6. Amanda, I bet you will (have as much success)!