Tuesday, September 27, 2011

RSS Feeds

Amanda has me thinking that RSS feeds can be the way to go for a school like ours because it does not allow comment.At this special education school, rightly or wrongly, they discourage the kids from using social media.RSS feeds could possibly be a way to introduce communicative technology without the risk of inappropriate comment opportunities.

I can see where coupled with a reader that keeps web sites organized, RSS feeds can be informative and fun. In education it could make students aware of upcoming assignments or school activities. Students could keep abreast where they do not need to interact. I think RSS feeds have a future as it more and more stressful to feel that everything needs a response, sometimes just receiving the information is enough.

I am also going to look further Kids blog for safe blogging. It may be a way around the school's technology limits while keeping the kids safe.

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  1. I'm glad I got you thinking!

    I think RSS could be a nice step in the right direction for beginning the plunge into web 2.o at a school. Hopefully it will get the people who are nervous about it a view into how useful it could be and that there can be restrictions to keep the kids safe out of web content not right for them.

    Also, I was going to recommend forever Edublogs (I was using it in a project this summer and they blocked a poem I posted as an example. They eventually let it through but, talk about safe!) but learning about Kids Blog has made me wonder. With the ability to have a blog manager, it could very well be a bit better.